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    18 Brilliant Sandpaper Hacks

    These outside-the-box sandpaper tips and tricks will help you better tackle your next sanding project.

    9 Best Spanner Wrenches

    Got some nuts and bolts to turn or some pipe fittings to loosen? Here's a list of some of the...

    What’s In My Toolbox? A Master Gardener’s Essential Tools

    A professional gardener shares a look at the tools she uses most frequently on the job.

    When Is the Best Time of Day To Mow the Lawn?

    Warming temps and blooming flowers signify a return to yardwork. This includes mowing the lawn. But is there a best...

    Homeowner’s Guide to Liquid Sandpaper

    Are you restoring a painted or finished surface? Discover how to simplify prep work with liquid sandpaper.

    What To Know About Carpet Knives

    A carpet knife is essential for any job involving carpet, and it's good for other DIY projects as well. Here's...

    Sandpaper Grit Chart

    Sandpaper grit is what makes it abrasive. Manufacturers grade sandpaper based on the size of the grit, and the grade...

    11 Best Oil Funnels for DIY Oil Changes

    Using the correct type and shape oil funnel helps avoid cleaning up a greasy mess when changing motor oil yourself.

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    These Stylish and Tough Stoggles Safety Glasses Are Family Handyman Approved

    Whether you work in the trades or you're a DIY enthusiast, safety glasses are an essential tool. Recently I picked...

    Miter Saw Basics: What Is It and When To Use It

    A miter saw is a perfect tool for precision work, such as interior trim. Here's an overview of the pros...

    Homeowner’s Guide To Sandpaper

    Modern sandpaper doesn't include sand, and it often doesn't include paper, either. It has multiple uses in the shop, on...

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    The Family Handyman Approved Ryobi Cordless Tire Inflator Is a Worthy Addition to Your Garage

    Air compressors require a lot of work if you only need them for a minute or two to top off...

    12 Brilliant Ways to Use Paint Rollers Other Than Painting

    You've probably used a paint roller to paint a wall. But did you know it can help with other DIY...

    Wood Chippers: Renting vs. Buying

    Is wood chipper rental a better choice for you than buying? That depends on the answers to a few key...

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    Give Your Bathroom a New Look with Family Handyman Approved Aura Bath & Spa Paint

    Remodels can be costly and become drawn out. But if you're looking for a quick way to breath new life...

    8 Best Carport Kits

    Keep your car safe from the elements with a carport kit. They're available in a range of sizes, and most...

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    This Family Handyman Approved Paint Brush Makes Cutting in Easy

    Looking for a sleek paint brush that can be used with any paint or stain?  Look no further than the...

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    Our Favorite Things from the National Hardware Show

    Check out some of our favorite products for DIYers from the 2022 National Hardware Show.

    How Did The Weeknd Put His Latest Single on a Saw Blade?

    The Canadian singer's latest stunt puts a whole new spin on listening to music while you work.

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    7 Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Hands Free Lawn Maintenance

    Do you enjoy a freshly mown lawn but hate to do the mowing? A robot lawn mower may be the...

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    Garden Cultivator vs Tiller: What’s the Difference?

    Don't confuse a cultivator with a tiller; they're different tools for different jobs. Here's how to decide which is right...

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    What To Know About Adjustable Spanner Wrenches

    A monkey wrench is an adjustable spanner wrench, but not necessarily vice versa. Find out the difference and why you...

    The 6 Best Wipe-On Wood Finishes

    The ease of application and breathtaking results make wipe-on wood finishes beloved by pro and beginner woodworkers alike. These are...

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    We Tested This Internet Hack for Removing Wall Anchors

    Can you remove wall anchors with a corkscrew? Whether your corkscrew sits unused for months or sees action daily, here's...

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    What To Know About Reclaimed Wood Flooring

    Reclaimed wood flooring is ecologically smart and offers a way to own a part of history. It's a more practical...

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    Get Your Hands On Some Family Handyman Approved Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Gloves

    When headed outdoors to work on your spring projects, the first essential tool to reach for...

    How to Install a Dog Door

    Here's an easy project for a neophyte DIYer.

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    7 Best Accessible Lawn Mowers for All Users

    Finding an accessible mower for those with limitations can be surprisingly difficult. We cover a range of options and factors...

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    Woodworking: What To Know About Maple Wood

    Wondering what you should know about maple wood before using it for a woodworking project? A pro woodworker gives his...

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    Woodworking: What To Know About Cherry Wood

    Wondering what you should know about Cherry wood before using it for a woodworking project? A pro woodworker gives his...